The Ukrainian Public Scientific Society of Continuing Dental Education presents a plan of events for Сontinuing Dental Education in 2023.

The Scientific Society is a CDE provider (1042)

nearly 2000 events of informal lectures and training activities
which provide nearly 400000 credit points of CDE
planned attendance of 30000 dentists
in 24 regions of Ukraine

The Society actuates Continuing Dental Education (CDE) for Ukrainian dentists and brings into being the actually useful reforms for Ukrainian healthcare.

We are improving skills and abilities of doctors thus ensuring the top tier quality of medical treatment. Our main events are created to empower critical thinking skills and weighted decision making to allow for a quick incorporation of new knowledge into practical dentistry.

By bringing in the balance between academic science and real on-hand practical experience we are creating conditions which assure patients receive top quality medical treatment.

You are able to create your personal study schedule in 2023, receive yearly mandatory 50 credit points of Continuing Dental Education which will be proven by the corresponding certificates.

The best experience and practices of the dental scholars in USA and countries of the European Union are incorporated by the Ukrainian Public Scientific Society " Continuing Dental Education" and are already available for every Ukrainian dentist.